Location salles Loir et Cher


The title of Viscount, in France, was created under the king Charles le Simple (891 - 929 ).

La Vicomté, in Blois, was one of the very first viscounties in the kingdom, as proven by documents dated 886, 895 and 899, mentioning Viscount Garnegaud and his wife Hélène.
Robert the 1st and his wife Milesendre, was Viscount in the XVIII th century. The renowed Alard de Brabençon, also know as Alard de Darstenne, a nobleman from nearby Lisle en Vendômois, was Viscount in the XIVth century. In the XVth century the name Vaupereux (stone valley) appears for the first time.

In 1505, La Vicomté is owned by Colas Doucet, ancestor of Cassandre Salviati, muse of the XVIth century well-known poet, Ronsard.

Jean Cottereau, born in 1458, succedeed Colas Doucet at la Vicomté. A friend of Louis XII (surnamed Father of the People), he became First Secretary of the king in 1496, and then Treasurer of the Kingdom under Louis XII and then François 1er.
His second daughter brought la Vicomté in dowry to her husband Guillaume de Beaune Semblançay.

  Their son, Jean de Beaune, then Viscount, was made First Butler of Catherine de Medicis, Queen of France.

Jean de Beaune’s daughter gave in turn la Vicomté to her husband Anne de Montmorency, First Chamberlain of the Duke d’Alençon, future king of France. Their daughter Antoinette, who inherited la Vicomté, was then married to Michel de Gast (or du Gast), one of the 45 men loyal to Henri III, who murdered the Duke de Guise at the Blois castle en 1588.
  The descendants of de Gast then sold La Vicomté to Nicolas Jassaud de Thoranne, State Secretary to Louis XV. In 1768, Anne et Elizabeth de Jassaud Sold La Vicomté to Gentien de la Boissière, Attorney General at the Chambre des Comptes in Blois.
La Boissière’s daughter inherited La Vicomté, and married Antoine de Juglart, then forced to emigrate. Their daughter married Henri de Maupas in 1810, the period from which date the two wings of La Vicomté.

Louis-Pierre de Villestreux bought La Vicomté in 1833. His son sold it in 1862 to Louis-François Guignard de Belleville. It was then sold again in 1920 to Rampin and Maton, who turned it into a hotel-restaurant.
La Vicomté then passed to Mrs Dubois de Croly.

During the war, the German army occupied La Vicomté in 1940-1941.

In 1949, Mr Robertet is owner, and in 1975, La Société de Sauvegarde de La Vicomté (Association for the Protection of La Vicomté) buys it to sell it back to Mr Denis Rouxel.

Elizabeth and Grégoire MARTY are the present owners.
Location salles Loir et Cher